Pot & Vaas

In the southern part of Holland at Burgundian Oisterwijk are the headquarters of Pot & Vaas established. Since 2002, an importer / wholesaler of a very wide collection of home accessories. Pot & Vaas mainly specializes in larger pots, vases and bowls (whether or not on a column) of various materials . The collection of Pot & Vaas  accessories varies in a mid range up to the luxury price range, this makes that Pot & Vaas can supply many customers. The decoration of the pots and vases are one of the specializations of Pot & Vaas. With branches, silk flowers and plants in a variety of colors and styles of pots and vases Pot & Vaas can make a complete object. This is the main part of the business, but Pot & Vase sells also many other accessories such as room dividers, candle holders, t - light holders, étagères, carpets, interior cushions, lanterns, candles, objects, trays and decoration materials like stones, horns, shells, etc.
Recently we have expanded our range with an exclusive collection of furniture. These are manufactured in the Netherlands and are of very good quality.





Who are we?

Pot & Vaas was founded in 2002 by Frank and Erica van der Linden. Frank his knowledge originally comes from the furniture import trade and Erica’s experience lies in the fashion industry. The combination of the knowledge and experience of Erica and Frank proved to be the perfect combination  to start a wholesale in home decorations.
Over the years they developed more and more their own collection and changed Pot & Vaas in a Dutch accessory brand and a trendsetter in the field of home accessories.
It shows that the GLO$$$ vases collection is an international success and standing among others in the lobbies of major hotels in Paris. Also the Holland Casino and chains of opticians and other companies are decorated by Pot & Vaas.